Whole 30 Update

a look back at the first 12 days

Posted 09.30.2016 Nutrition

So I am officially 12 days into the Whole 30! I wanted to write this post to share the ups, downs, and thoughts that I have had so far. Overall, it has been a really positive experience and I am feeling great. Even though the stress of school has elevated significantly from first year, I’m not craving ice cream pints or that everything bagel anymore.


So let’s start with the bad. Most of the negative experiences were during the first 6 days or so. I was eating refined carbohydrates fairly frequently before this, so I did feel a withdraw from the carbs and sugar. The first four days were the worst. I was constantly hungry, tired, and had an off and on headache. I also ran 3 miles on day 2, and it was my slowest 3 miler in a very long time, but nothing was worse then the 5 miler that I tried to do on day 4 – that was downright awful. I probably ended up walking almost 1/3 of my ‘run’. I felt like I had no energy and my head was foggy. Since then, the only negative thing I have been experiencing is a little more fatigue than usual on my long runs. I started eating a sweet potato the day before my long runs to see if it helps – I’ll let you all know how it goes after my 8 miler tomorrow.


So the positives are starting to trickle in. Since around day 7 my hunger has significantly subsided. My energy is elevated and constant – no more mid-day cravings for a venti iced latte. Overall my mood has been good! I’m a little stressed with school work but I’m actually surprised at the lack of external stress manifestation that’s going on comparative to the to do list on my desk. I am also really enjoying the time that I am spending in the kitchen trying new recipes. Below is a carnitas recipe that I modified (added 2 tsp garlic powder and 1 tsp onion powder to the rub) and seriously was amazed at how it came out! Nothing like a good crockpot win! Also because I have been thinking a little more about my meals and what I am buying at the grocery store, I am actually saving time spent in the kitchen with my meal planning. So overall I think the positives are starting to outweigh the negatives, but it was a rough start haha!


If you have done Whole 30 before, I’d love to hear how the start of it was for you. Also if you have any good recipes please send them my way!


Carnitas Recipe: <http://www.anyaseats.com/slow-cooker-paleo-pulled-pork/>