Why Whole 30?

Posted 09.28.2016 Nutrition, Wellness

So last Monday I started doing the Whole 30, and I wanted to share a little bit about why I decided to do it. Let me start off by saying that I usually don’t support fad diets. Nutrition is an area of research that we still learn about every year, and as one’s medical conditions and activities change, so do their dietary necessities.  I also don’t believe that the Whole 30 is the best diet out there – but I do believe that it is one of a few good places to start if you’re interested in changing your diet to benefit your health. I find it hard to believe that any one way of eating is “the best” way of eating. If I’m being critical, I don’t believe absence of all grains, dairy, and legumes is “healthy” (refined sugar on the other hand is a different story). In other words I don’t believe that everyone benefits from cutting out these staples especially since there is a lot of positive research supporting them in health and wellness.


So why did I decide to eliminate sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol, and any refined/processed/chemically laden foods for 30 days? Because I know myself well and I knew this would be a good way to kick my butt back on track. This past summer I got out of sync with my normal eating patterns. I was eating more carbohydrates (think white pasta and everything bagels), and eating less vegetables than I would have liked. My weight increased a bit and my loose pants started to feel snug. I knew I wanted to make a change and I thought the first week of 2nd year organ blocks would be the perfect time to do it.


I personally don’t do great when I say “okay starting Monday I’ll eat healthy”. I know myself and I know that when I implement a behavioral change, I do better with set goals and set guidelines. Whole30 provided me with the goal and guidelines, and all I had to do was follow through. I was also inspired by one of my good friends who successfully completed the Whole30 and saw some really positive results. I did a similar, but more intense, elimination diet last year called the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol (AIP) to see if eliminating certain foods would help my chronic eczema. Although the AIP protocol did not help my eczema, I felt amazing overall. I attributed the positive changes in my energy and overall health mainly to the reduction of refined carbohydrates and maybe (still undecided) the reduction of dairy. So when I saw the guidelines for the Whole30, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad place to start.


I’ll update with how the Whole30 is going this weekend, and then again at the end of the 30 days! One thing I will say right now though is that I’m loving exploring new recipes – I made slow cooker carnitas this week that were 100x better than chipotle.  If you’re interested in learning more about the Whole30, I’ll post the website link below (realize though the the diet’s website will be inherently biased!). I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Whole30 – please comment below or comment on instagram!